Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coupons in Sunday Paper!

In today's paper (6/9), there was one Smart Source insert. For your shoeboxes, I would recommend clipping the following:
                        Coupon 1: $1.00 off any one (1) Playtex Gentile Glide, or Playtex Sport Tampons          
                        Coupon 2: $2.00 off any two Ban antiperspirant deodorants

A little while back, I remember seeing 8 packs of the Playtex Gentile glide 360 tampons at the Dollar Tree. If your Dollar Tree still has them in stock, you would be able to score free tampons for your 10-14 girl box. There is also a sampler kit for free being offered by Being Girl. Sign up here. I love that it comes with a little case, so the pads/tampons can be a little more discreet. Coupon 2 might be a good idea to clip if we see a really good deal for deodorant come around for your 10-14 boxes.

Smiles from shoeboxes :)

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